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Class Description
Class 0 District Staff Groups
CLASS I Any school related organization involving Colonial School District students, staff organizations, Parent-Teacher Organizations, chartered, nonprofit community youth groups, based in Conshohocken Borough, Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships and/or meeting the needs of Conshohocken Borough, Plymouth and Whitemarsh Township youth including but not limited to scouting groups, athletic associations (Little League, Soccer, baseball, Basketball, CYO, etc.) not engaged in fund raising activities; Parks and Recreation Departments of Conshohocken Borough, Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships. Membership in these organizations must include at least eighty 80% Conshohocken Borough, Plymouth Township and/or Whitemarsh Township residents. These Class I organization may use the facilities without a user rate. Fees are charged for custodial, maintenance, technical, or grounds personnel if extra services are needed or if the event is scheduled to take place on a Saturday, Sunday holiday or during other non-scheduled working hours.
CLASS II All civic and service organizations; adult community groups and service organizations engaged in fund raising activities. These Class II organizations may use the facilities with user rates listed for Class II plus fees for extra personnel as needed. If the event takes place during non-scheduled working hours, rates will be applies as per Class I.
CLASS III All other organizations not included above will be required to pay user rates listed for Class III plus fees for extra personnel as needed. Personnel Expenses Organizations using district facilities at periods when district staff are not normally on duty and available for coverage of events will be charged fees to cover personnel expenses for the hours which staff are required to prepare for, monitor and clean up after such events. These fees will be determined by multiplying the number oh hours worked by assigned personnel time the average of the highest and lowest hourly wages of the staff routinely eligible for assignment to the events, adding an amount equal to the district's contribution for Social Security and retirement for the period worked, and rounding up to the nearest dollar. Rental fees are applicable to one-day events and the primary day of multi-day events. Rental rates for additional days which are of events which run longer than a single day will be charged at the rate of 50 percent of the rental rate for the rental rate for the primary day.

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Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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